Embracing Life

Whatever your life experience at this moment can only be
changed by you.!  
Even the hardest of times can bring forth new found
Blessings and Rainbows.
Each moment is an experience and each experience is a lesson.
For some, these lessons are extremely trying and difficult.
Be grateful for the good and the bad times,
because they are learning points in your life.
With each lesson will come healing and wisdom.
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Family Reading Sessions

150.00 ( hour ) includes you or youself and 1 family member
20.00 for each extra family member  ( limit 2 )

This will include 2 Mediums doing your reading

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Massage Offered:

Deep Tissue
Hot Stone
Manual Lymphatic
Lomi Lomi
Past Life Regression  ( Group )
April 12, 2019        7:30pm - 9:30pm

Come and Explore another You!
We will start with grounding and meditation and then gently
guide you through a past life. When finished you will record your experience and we will have
group discussion
Our Classes and Workshops for 2019
Reiki Level II Certification Workshop
April 28, 2019
12:00pm - 5:00pm
*Must already be a Level I Practitioner
*Usui Reiki attunement given
*Learn to heal distant
(For those who took Level I at the Huna Center  175.00)
Private Gallery Readings

held at the Huna Center
or your home (Morris County)
Minimum of 6 people   -   Maximum of 10 people
not counting Host or Hostess
This will include 2 Mediums doing readings
45.00 per person  ( Host or Hostess is free )
Tibetan Singing Bowls and Gong Meditation
March 23   -  7:00pm
March 24   -  1:00pm
Join Kirsten De la Torre

Immerse yourself in the healing vibrations of the Tibetan Singing Bowls and Gong. Sound healing is also known as
vibrational medicine for the mind, body and spirit.
By listening to these beautiful healing tools you may be able to go into a deeper state of relaxation and meditation.
The vibrations can also help lift the negative “veil” our ego places over us. This is a tremendous healing experience
that also enables us to discover new aspects of ourselves.

Please feel free to bring a yoga mat, pillow, and blanket as this is done traditionally on the  floor.
Massage with  Kirsten De la Torre
IET Sacred Relationship Process Workshop
February 9
2:00pm - 4:00pm
Prerequisite: Must have taken minimum IET Basic Level Course.

A Sacred Relationship is soul based.  Would you like to increase the sacredness of existing
relationships? Change ordinary relationships into sacred relationships? Would you like to
experience and deepen your sacred relationship with the angels?
$30 (Pen & paper provided. Includes handout.)
IET Basic Class ( Level I )
February 23
9:30am - 5:30pm

Fee: $200
Please Register by Noon Thursday, February 21st.
The Huna Healing Center LLC
23 Diamond Spring Rd.   2nd fl
Denville,  NJ

Sunday Morning Lyceum
offered by
The Spirit Gathering Church
The Huna Healing Center, 23 Diamond Spring Rd - 2nd floor - Suite 7., Denville, N.J.

April 7, 2019

(1st Sunday of Each Month) unless it is a Holiday or Inclement Weather
10:30 am to 12:00 pm
The Ministerial Staff of The Spirit Gathering Church are re-envisioning what a Sunday Morning spiritual gathering can be.  
The goal is to have you leaving church feeling healthy, whole, at peace, nurtured, fulfilled and educated.
Service includes Healing, Messages and Discussion on Current Topic
Aura Reading Workshop
February 24
10:00am - 3:30pm
(Includes Aura Photo & the book "Aura Colors & the Energy Body)

(Seating is limited to 10 attendees, so register early to ensure you will have a seat.  You must
pre-register and pre-pay by at least one week in advance.)

Chair Massage
February 16
11:00am - 5:00pm
1.00 / a minute
Appointment Only
Ongoing Events 2019
      Must Pre-Register              
Rev. Susan Nigra
Email:  office@indigopeace.com
or Register online:
Intuitive/ Medium Practicum
Every Tuesday
7:30pm - 9:30pm
MARCH 23  - 7:00PM
MARCH 24  - 1:00PM
I E T   Healing Share
March 27 - 7:00pm - 9:00pm
This healing circle for IET practitioners provides the opportunity for you to practice your IET skills, ask questions and
get feedback. An IET Healing Circle is a sacred space, filled with Angelic IET Energy that allows you to give and
receive support in an environment of love.  We start each IET Healing circle with angelic heartlinks and connect to the
World Angel grid to bring the energy and presence of your angels and the IET Angels powerfully into the circle for you.  
We also do a meditation.

IET  for Pets  Certification Workshop
March 31
9:30am - 5:30pm
Prerequisites:  Students should have completed Basic Level IET® prior to attending this class. Students who have taken
IET Intermediate, Advanced or MI training can adapt the techniques from these classes to work with pets, too. Students who
have previously taken IET for Pets are welcomed to join for a refresher
Healing / Message Circle
April 4th  -   7:30pm - 9:00pm
( 5.00 donation to benefit St. Judes Hospital or
Contact Us at: