For about 1 year I had visited many spiritual and

my trust in anyone to learn Reiki.  Upon meeting Lory, I
just knew she was the one.  There is a kindness and
sweetness to her that I felt drawn.  She not only taught me
Reiki I, II and Master Level, she broadened my insights to
past live regressions and channeling which put me in awe.  
She also made me feel special and is helping me to
believe in myself.  She is a wonderful teacher, healer,
opportunity to have learned from her.
Rita C

Thank You for your service. You have given me
peace of mind, helpful advice and beautiful messages
from Special Spirits
Love & Light

It's never too late but thank you. You will be receiving
many calls from friends if mine....Thanks again. You have
changed my life!        K
I want to thank you for my reading yesterday. My dad
passed 13 years ago yet I still think of him ofter. Your
reading gave me immense comfort and peace. I can't
thank you enough.

I want to thank you for the healing you brought to
my soul. Your reading was dead on and my Mom
came through with confirmation of many things.
Thank you again

I went so many months carrying some guilt when my
Mom passed. I never realized how precious she
was to me until it was to late. Thank You for bringing
me messages from her which allowed me to see
that the guilt was not mine to carry. You are a
truly wonderful and gifted Medium.
Huna Healing Center LLC
5 East Main St.  2nd fl
Denville, NJ  07866