The Huna Healing
5 East Main St.  Suite 28 B        973-224-0096
Denville, N.J.  07834

Rev. Vivian Zak,  RMT

Vivian is a Medium
Certified Reiki Master / Teacher
Certified Healer.

She has been working with Spirit
since she was young and takes great
comfort in knowing that she can help
other's to heal their soul with
messages from Guides and Loved
Vivian also speaks Spanish.

For Appt contact Vivian:

* Angel Card
* Animal Communicator
* Archangel Life Coach

Jean is an Integrated Energy
Therapy (IET) Master Instructor
and practitioner who teaches IET
as well as offers IET healing
sessions. IET uses divine angelic
energy for wellness session for
people and pets. As is a Certified
Angel Card Reader and life
coach, she offers intuitive angel
card readings and connects with
Angelic coaching to provide
loving angelic messages of
wisdom and guidance. She is
certified in animal communication
and connects with our pet
companions who are here or are
in spirit.  Contact Jean:

Ordained Priest
Order of Melchizedek

Usui Reiki Master
™ Lightarian Reiki MASTER
Psychic Medium
Medical Intuitive
Spiritual Advisor
ABH Certified
Transformational Coach.
She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in
Business Administration, is a
Graduate of iPEC - Excellence in
Coach Training, and is a Certified
Integrated Energy Therapy (IET)
psychic/mediums in both the US and
Psychic/Mediumship by the Montclair
Metaphysical School.  Through her
own personal journeys of loss,
heartache and crisis, she
experienced a transformative spiritual
awakening and uncovered her
intuitive psychic gifts. She then
honed her skills training with top
psychic advisors in the US and the
UK. Combining the practical with the
mystical, Angela now guides clients
on a journey of selfdiscovery and
empowerment by weaving together
an integrated approach to insight,
healing and transformation. She uses
Divine Guidance and Universal
Insights to help clients gain clarity,
transform old belief patterns, create a
“Freedom Plan of Life”, and activate
and manifest their dreams and
desires! Dispelling old ideas about
“psychics”,  Source, embrace that
unique innate greatness, and
become the change we all want to
see in the world.”