What do I need to know about booking my appointment?

Appointments are booked online through the website. If you need to make changes or cancel that can
be done by clicking on your appointment and using the reschedule or cancel option.
You will receive a confirmation email for your appointment.
We ask that you cancel or change no later than 12 hours before.
No shows will be required to make payment
before another appointment.

What you need to know about your Mediumship Reading

You are welcome to record your reading. Paper and Pen are available for notes.
Please come with an open mind. We do not have control over which loved ones come to give
you messages.
As Mediums we do not always have the information that you might be looking for.
Either because we do not have permission to read the other person or
because we cannot interfere with a life lesson and your free will choices.

Please do not come to a reading and ask these questions:
* Is my spouse cheating?
* Am I or someone else going to die?
* Am I going to have an accident?

We are all here to experience what we need to learn.
If you know the answers then you miss the lesson and the knowledge you gain.
We can only relay messages as Spirit gives them.
They are in control.
Please accept the guidance from your loved ones and don’t expect that they
can fix everything that is wrong in your life today.
Instead, embrace each lesson, gain knowledge and put out only positive thoughts.
Trust that you are exactly where your supposed to be.

How often should I come for a Reading?
We recommend that you wait at least a minimum of 6 months.

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