What do I need to know about booking my appointment?

Appointments are booked online through the website. If you need to make changes or cancel that needs
to be done by clicking on your appointment and using the reschedule or cancel option.
You will receive a confirmation email for your appointment. We will send you
a text the day before your appointment if we have a cell phone number.
We ask that you cancel or change no later than 12 hours before.
No shows will be required to make payment
before another appointment.

What you need to know about your Mediumship Reading

You are welcome to record your reading. Paper and Pen are available for notes.
Please come with an open mind. We do not have control over which loved ones come to give
you messages.
Although we are honored to work with Spirit, they are in charge.
If you have specific questions on what is going to happen or what you should do in a certain situation,
please remember that Spirit cannot interfere with your Karmic or Life Lessons.
Do not give us any information but validate with a yes or no if you resonate and understand the message.
Keep in mind that any names given can be either in Spirit or in the Physical.

How often should I come for a Reading?
We recommend that you wait at least a minimum of 6 months.

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