For about 1 year I had visited many spiritual and metaphysical places but never felt the connection to put my trust in anyone to learn
Reiki.  Upon meeting Lory, I just knew she was the one.  There is a kindness and sweetness to her that I felt drawn.  
She not only taught me Reiki I, II and Master Level, she broadened my insights to past live regressions
and channeling which put me in awe.
She also made me feel special and is helping me to believe in myself.
She is a wonderful teacher, healer, reader, life coach and more and I thank her for the opportunity to have learned from her
Rita C

It's never too late but thank you. You will be receiving many calls from friends if mine.... . Thanks again. You have changed my life!


I just want to express my gratitude for yesterday's reading. You brought me peace and hope that things will get better.
I feel happy and at peace. I'm going to try to bring my husband in benefit of the healing.   I did share with him what happen
yesterday and I believe it brought him so peace to hear from his mom.
Thank you so much. Will be in touch soon.


Thank You so much for the reading. I no longer carry any guilt with her passing. Everything you said was dead on
and I can finally live my life happy and in peace. You are truly an amazing person.


Lori has been wonderful... since my husband passed I go and see her often and he always comes through.
He left this world unexpectedly and I feel better when I am able to speak with him.

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